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She wrote,\" On January 1,2020, we have one more of him in our lives, and from then on our world has a more happy concern! This is the most beautiful gift of the New Year, thank you! Happy new year! Best wishes for a happy New Year!


Has been looking forward to the wake-up little brother, but also upgraded to a little sister, she held the baby's little hand to focus on watching, Zhang Ziyi Yan Huai baby, this moving scene, really love ~


Later, Wang Feng forwarded and wrote,\" A second time standing beside his wife, holding her hand to meet the arrival of the baby. Once again feel the mother's hardship and greatness. Thank you wife, thank you in the first day of the 20's such a good time to bring me a super healthy family, voice loud and clear, seven jin two big fat boy, happy, mother and son safe. Happy New Year to you all! Full of gratitude and joy between the lines.


Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng married in May 2015, her daughter woke up in December of the same year, in 2020 to add a son, children and children, Zhang Ziyi is really with practical action to break all kinds of doubts, strength interpretation of what is \"life winner \".


And the so-called risk of old age, pregnancy cannot work, cannot maintain makeup. And so on all pregnancy rumors and taboo, in Zhang Ziyi here seems completely nonexistent! A tough as a happy mother, not only the child to take care of the proper post, their own arrangements are clear.


No delay in work, no delay in beauty, plain skin is still tight, in addition to the belly fat everywhere are slender as before, and can be foreseen, after the moon will give us a complete recovery of the body of the perfect goddess!


There is no doubt that this generation after \"20\", will be a subversive generation, and \"20\" after the mother, will also bring subversive changes to the image of traditional mothers! Look at the upcoming \"20\" mother's star, is really all \"no pussy \"!


For example, earlier papi sauce in her occasional update, gave us a big egg, she is going to be a mother! This revelations, sent oneself directly to hot search.


After announcing the pregnancy, papi sauce is still active in the workplace, recording variety, the update video update video, and the same action to give the same ten-thousand-year-old topic: whether the pregnancy can skin care, can make-up to give the official answer:


There are also pregnant tang yan, the new drama \"yan yun tai\" road exposure, a red dress, all open air field, pregnancy months very slender, the state is also very good, gentle smile to add a touch of maternal brilliance.


To put it bluntly, expectant mothers are prone to a variety of problems when their hormone levels change dramatically after pregnancy. But the female stars don't seem to be bothered by that. See liu poetry, ying ying ying, chen yihan one by one after the state is even better than before, often by the beauty of the beauty of the postnatal temperament screen hot search.


Kun Ling is also, to the baby in the stomach to open a welcoming party, this state, do not look at the stomach, said that she 18 years old girl also believe ah, where like a mother-to-be in our impression!


Of course! !! Skin care during pregnancy is very important oh, just nutrition to keep up, but far from enough, this period because of the huge changes in hormone levels, skin than usual more prone to problems, more need special care, if this time do not pay attention to the baby's skin will certainly make you cry to death Oh!


Don't be afraid of the chemical ingredients in any skincare product. Indeed, many skincare products include alcohol, pigments, hormones, mineral oils, heavy metals, and chemical sunscreens, which cannot only damage the skin during pregnancy, but are also dangerous to the baby. But choose formal channels to buy reliable well-known brands, their efficacy, ingredients, products are in line with national safety standards, in which to select suitable for you, and show that the products available to pregnant women, under the recommended dosage, will be safe and reliable. Not all skin care products are safe, must pay attention to the choice of relatively simple ingredients, transparent products.


And all discussions without talking about spending are hooligans. The amount of skin-care products that are applied generally doesn't have a serious effect, so if you accidentally use something that isn't recommended and don't be afraid to be affected, it's even worse.


Cleaning, hydration, moisturizing, sunscreen, these four-step foundation to lay a good, basic cannot be afraid of ~ among them, moisturizing water is the most important. For mothers-to-be who are generally too lazy to do fine homework, other unnecessary make-up, or some functional skincare products, can be avoided as much as possible, save their own energy, and also settle down.


Only moisturizing and moisturizing the effect of skin care products are the safest, there is a good saying: basic moisturizing do not do, the birth of an old ten years old. Because of the changes in hormones in pregnancy, some mothers will become more prone to oil acne, some are not able to dry, no matter what the situation, moisturizing must be done in place. Basically the main sensitive muscle special moisturizing products can be used. For fear of hormones, opt for simply moisturizing products such as hyaluronic acid, ceramide, olive oil, jojoba oil and more. The mother-to-be who really cares can also use 100% formula, pure olive oil, jojoba oil and so on, massage on the belly is also very suitable ~


Sunscreen is important to anyone in a daily state, not to mention a mother-to-be at a sensitive time. Originally the body of melanin will be ready to move, pregnancy spot risk index rubbing up, but also cannot pay attention to? !


Of course, it's not that you have to wear sunscreen, and many mothers-to-be may not be able to tell the difference. But! You can do a good job of physical sunscreen! As long as the cloth is healthy and has no pungent taste, it must be harmless. hat, mask, sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrellas, are good sunscreen helper! !


Moreover, many people have a misconception that today's cloudy days need not pay attention to sunscreen. However, the absence of the sun does not mean that there is no UV radiation, therefore, whether home or out, to do a good job of sunscreen.


These products are actually not recommended for use during pregnancy. The same sentence, for most people, may not be willing to labor to find the source of the ingredients, the final result is not the definitive results of authority. Then there's definitely no risk. Like many common anti-acne ingredients, are listed as prohibited for pregnant women, and exfoliating products, excessive use will make the skin more sensitive, if there are dermatitis eczema and other problems will be very difficult. These products are recommended to be used after breast-feeding is stopped.


Whitening and anti-aging skin care products such as heavy metals, retinoic acid and complex ingredients are not recommended and may cause fetal malformations or developmental problems to some extent.


Simple VC, nicotinamide is within the safety of pregnant women, but most whitening products are a variety of ingredients, so the risk increases. No, it's better not.


Make-up ingredients are more complex than skin care products, but we also said before, the dosage must be followed, in the occasion needs to occasionally paint a beautiful makeup, is no obvious impact, pay attention to the frequency of good ~


Long-lasting water storage lock water, let skin light breathing. Select the \"undead bird\" extract as the core ingredient to give you custom-grade long-term moisturizing program. Anti-pollution compound helps you protect your skin from 17 hazards.


His main home is the sensitive muscle can also safely use ~ no added spices, alcohol, preservatives, texture thin, fast absorption. serine ingredients, coordinated with squalane and Yayang live spring water, soothe skin, repair water fat film, provide protection. Adopt sterile production and sterile isolation device () to keep the unsealed product sterile.


Bovine oil fruit emulsion locked with high nutritional value of forest butter, shea butter led by fruit and plant grace, with a softener effect of \"essence emulsion \". Perilla essence water is especially suitable for easy dark, rough skin. High functional lotion containing perilla essence. The self-confidence presents \"zero\" pore's smooth and meticulous skin ~ remembers the first milk after the water oh.